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Sweetly Dreaming

My thoughts, my feelings, my life...~
Feb 20 '11

Hoping Dreaming Wishing

Let’s look ahead and continue to walk on forward. Never stopping to what could have or would have been. Don’t look back on the past, but just learn from them to make the future better for you and the people around you. Let us hope and dream together and to make our wishes a reality.

Oct 27 '10

Long Days

Wow I haven’t really been home the pass few days. Monday I got home and got ready for a meeting and didn’t get home until like 10:30pm. Tuesday I was at work than went to my so called boyfriend’s house. Today I had a looooong ass day. I had a field trip to two boring ass museums. They weren’t that bad, but seriously nothing compares to the Louvre at Paris, France. The drive to Pasadena though was…long seriously long as fuck. I didn’t get back to the school until, like, 5:30pm, than my friend didn’t have a ride home so I had to. :/ So, I didn’t get home until 6:10pm. When I got home all I did was get ready for a Scout meeting, which I’m at not. Got picked up at like 6:40 to 6:45pm, meaning I was home only for like 30 to 40 minutes. Gaaahhhh, I am boooored as fuck…my life always do busy lately and I’m so tired….~

Oct 16 '10

I am lost in my own…world…


Oct 14 '10

Breaking Point

Coming close to the point, Unshed tears are beginning to fall, Trying not to cry, Holding them in, Hiding away…Withdrawing from everyone…~ Enclosed inside a shattered heart, a broken soul…a lifeless body…~

Sep 24 '10

Going Camping This Weekend

I’m going to be eaten up alive by bugs and insects. ._.

Sep 24 '10

Watching the World Go By…~

Everyday since to go by. Changes happening everywhere. When I think about it how much have I changed? Or have I even changed at all? It seems that I take one step forward and several steps back. Is it because I’m afraid of what might happen? I’m not sure. All I know is that I think I’m running. Running from what? I’m not to sure. Of being hurt again? Might be. All I’m doing now is staying silent of how I feel inside as I watch everything pass me by. I’m keeping to myself these silent thoughts and silent fears. Staying enclosed inside of myself. I hope one day that I’ll be able to have the courage to take that giant leap in front of me and not be afraid of anything…~

Sep 17 '10

At Work

Hmmm being at work is such a drag. It’s such a nice day today. I wish I could go out and have some fun. :/ I want to hang with my friends and go walking around and catching up with things. I haven’t seen them in so long. :( Gaaahhhh it’s sad…

Sep 15 '10

Brother is a Arse

Gaaaah hey everyone. Got kicked off the internet because I.took a shower and didn’t do what he unkindly aoe me to scrape off paint in the garage right when I got home from school. :/ He was home all day while I wasn’t. I wanted to.just get home shower and relax since I woke up late really late. 20minute before ky class started late. It sucked since in traffic. :/ Yeah today hasn’t been a a very good day so far. I am annoyed and very irrigated. Hopefully it’ll yet better.

Sep 15 '10

Welcome to My Dreams, My Hopes and My Life

Hi Everyone. I am Shaneen, but you can all just call me Neen.

You have all just hopped into my world and my life. I’m your typical Asian. I like Anime, Games, Music, Art, etc.

Feel free to read and leave comments if you like. I’m going to just have fun blogging every now and than. I’ll post some of my thoughts and feeling that I experience everyday. I’ll also have some pics and poems posted.

So have fun…~